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Hot Springs

Autogenous source withdrawal, Bihada-no-yu

All of the hot springs drained, 100% of the source without humidification was drained,
Bihada-no-yu fountain quality called Bihada-no-yu is a rice crackled brown brown rice wrapped in Beppu.
While catching on hot springs full of openness, we look forward to the blissful time of seeing Beppu Bay,
You can enjoy it to your heart 's content.
  • Beppu Bay for Beppu Bay, "Observatory open-air bath"

    On the top floor, Beppu Bay bustling with Beppu Bay fires at night,
    We are preparing an outdoor bath which can see the beautiful Downtown Beppu steaming rise rises.
    It is a 100% hot spring of self-draining sunflower, while taking a sea breeze,
    Please enjoy the high quality hot springs like lotion that clings to the skin with a rough skin called "Bihada-no-yu".


    ■Changing room
    Weight scale·massage chair
    Hair dryer / bath towel / face towel
    toothbrush·A comb·Hair cap·Hair net·A razor·Swab·cotton·Cotton towel
    Toner·cleansing·Skin loosion·Milk lotion

    ■Open Air Bath
    Shampoo · Body soap · Conditioner
    Hot spring bath hours
    15: 00 to 23: 00/6; 00 to 9: 30
    Hot spring bathing category
    Male and female hot water are prepared respectively.
    Hot spring qualities
    Hydrogen carbonate spring
    You can enjoy the view of Downtown Beppu Beppu Bay · the view of Downtown Beppu.
    Atopy / eczema·Skin disease·Skin beauty effect
    In the case of bad weather or charter / maintenance, there may be cases where you can not use outdoor bath.
    Please note.
    Usage fee
    Guest free
  • All rooms, semi open-air bath set up

    Each guest room, on the terrace, has a hot spring outdoor hot spring.
    There is no hot water, 100% sprinkled with sauce.

    Spring quality is effective for bicarbonate salt spring, coldness, muscle pain, atopy, eczema,
    It is unusual in Beppu and is a brown-colored lumpy hot spring.

    You can use at any time during your stay at any time.

Hot Springs

Beppu Onsen(Natural hot spring 100%) Sprinkling hot springs ※It does not include artificial hot springs

Open Air Bath

Yes (There are also men and women (including time change) · Charges are not allowed)

Private Bath


Number of baths

[Outdoor bath]
Male: 1 Female: 1 Mixed bath: 0

[Bath bath in the bathroom]


Other bath facilities

Observation bath(Conditioned)

Bath Terms of Use

The semi-open-air bath is equipped in the guest room.
The outdoor hot spring bath is separated by gender.
It is not in the public bath.
In case of bad weather or charter, you may not be able to use outdoor bath.

Onsen tax

Hot spring tax Adult 250 yen (500 yen) will be charged separately.