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The annual "Beppu Sea Festival" will be held for three days from July 26 (Fri) to July 30 (Sun).
The nightly fireworks display held from 20:00 to 21:00 on July 28 (Sun) is outstanding at the spa beach venue next to the hotel.
Fireworks synchronized with the music, bursts of large-ball fireworks, and a finale bloom in the summer night sky including golden peacocks spread over Beppu Bay.

【Information for accommodation】
There is a room availability on July 28th, but there is some room available.
If you are staying in a room on the town side, you can set a seat on the first floor restaurant terrace and watch fireworks.
In addition, snacks and alcohol are also provided free during fireworks. Please make memories of summer this year in our hotel!
There are a limited number of rooms, so please apply early.
We look forward to your visit.

Specifically, please contact the following.
Tel: 0977-26-0002 (8:00 to 22:00)
Email: info@umine-beppu.jp

Hotel Umine Manager

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  • Please spend a special time in the healing space.

    Feeling of opening without having experienced.
    All guest rooms are equipped with a fresh semi open-air bath,
    Firm solidity is exactly the adults' only retreat.
  • Enjoy a pleasant sleep.

    The sound of the quietly resonating waves, the contrast of the sky and the ocean spreading in front of our eyes.
    Forget the time and have a special time in the relaxed space,
    Please enjoy the ultimate luxury and relaxation of "Hotel Umine".

Hot Springs

  • Self-sprinkled syrup 100%, Bihada-no-yu

    Each guest room, on the terrace, has a hot spring outdoor hot spring.

    Hot Springs is pouring source 100% of no hydrolysis, humidified in all, spring quality, called the Bihada-no-yu is,
    It is unusual in Beppu brown brown colored hot water.
    While catching on hot springs full of openness, we look forward to the blissful time of seeing Beppu Bay,
    You can enjoy it to your heart 's content.

    Spring quality is effective for bicarbonate salt spring, coldness, muscle pain, atopy, eczema,
    It is unusual in Beppu and is a brown-colored lumpy hot spring.

    You can use at any time during your stay at any time.
  • Outdoor bath

    On the top floor, Beppu Bay bustling with Beppu Bay fires at night,
    We are preparing an outdoor bath which can see the beautiful Downtown Beppu steaming rise rises.
    It is a 100% hot spring of self-draining sunflower, while taking a sea breeze,
    Please enjoy the high quality hot springs like lotion that clings to the skin with a rough skin called "Bihada-no-yu".


  • Carefully Selected Foods


  • Authentic India, Sri Lankan Tradition "Ayurveda therapy"

    Along with Ayurveda, Medicine and Yunani medicine, it is one of the world's three major traditional medicine,
    It has a history of up to 5,000 years.

    It is said that the root of medical care of the world, Western medicine as well as oriental medicine,
    It is said that it had a strong influence on other alternative medicine etc.
    It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the root of so-called massage.

    Umine, a therapy based on that traditional Ayurveda therapy
    (Treatment method suitable for Japanese) is offered.
    Detoxification effect (detoxification) Aimed at anti-aging (rejuvenation)
    Please feel the total treatment service.
  • Forget your everyday life and enjoy the best relaxation in your mind and body.

    SPA Sualaut, we will offer customers the SPA Sualaut to experience the time of bliss
    We are offering relaxation service.
    Forgetting time, unlocking from everyday life,
    You can spend luxurious comfort.

    Some of the photos may differ due to renovation.
    Please be patient.

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