【About measures of new coronavirus infectious disease】Hotel Umine is working to strengthen sanitation within the facility and prevent infection.We thoroughly disinfect alcohol in this facility, wear masks for employees, and wear rubber gloves for serving staff.※Please see the "Notice" column at the bottom of the page for details.

【Official】Hotel Umine


"Hotel Umine" is located in the prime location of Beppu.

Ocean view rooms overlooking Beppu Bay
All rooms have a 100% hot spring bath and a semi-open-air bath.
There is an open-air bath available for everyone on the rooftop.

For dinner, we prepare teppanyaki and kaiseki course.
"Local fish kaiseki" using fresh fish and "Seki Horse Mackerel kaiseki" which is Oita's specialty
We offer a variety of course using popular ingredients from our customers.
There is also a room meal plan the kaiseki course.
You can also enjoy your meal in a private space.

Teppanyaki is prepared in front of the chef at the counter.
course using high quality Japanese Kuroge Wagyu Beef, Ise shrimp, salmon, etc.
Various teppanyaki course are available.

Entrust yourself in a guest room with a hot spring for a long time,
Please experience the best stay while listening to the sound of the waves.

A journey to relieve everyday fatigue···
For celebration of important person···
Thinking about a holiday···

All the staff so that your trip will be wonderful
I will treat you as much as possible.

Please spend a happy time in an extraordinary space.
We look forward to seeing you.

Information on "STAY NAVI" service, a coupon acquisition site

  • ~ Coupon acquisition site! Information on STAYNAVI service ~

    If you make a reservation from the Official website, please issue a coupon at "STAY NAVI".

    ◆Applicable when making a reservation from the Official website or by phone.◆

    1. Please make a reservation on the Official website or by phone.

    2. Register for the "STAY NAVI" service.

    3. After logging in, enter the reservation information on the coupon issue screen of My Page and issue a coupon.

    4. You will receive a coupon notification email from "STAY NAVI".

    5. At check-in, please show the coupon issue screen or print it and bring the coupon.Discount will be given at the time of payment.

Facility certification for Go To travel campaign

  • Facility certification for Go To Travel campaign

    Thank you for visiting our hotel.
    Regarding this facility, we will declare that we will implement the following efforts as a measure against new type coronavirus infectious disease when participating in the Go To Travel business.
    ※This facility is a campaign target facility.
  • = New coronavirus infectious disease measures =

    1. At the check-in time, we will take face-to-face measures such as face-to-face contact, and all travelers will be subject to temperature measurements and representative identity verification.

    2. We check the physical condition of travelers such as thermometers, and if there is a fever or a cold symptom, consult the public health center including weekends and take appropriate measures.

    3. Regarding the use of shared facilities such as bathhouses and eating facilities, we will set a limit on the number of people and a time limit, and will thoroughly implement 3 measures against congestion.

    4. We will provide individual meals, and will take thorough measures to prevent meals, such as spacing seats.

    5. Thoroughly disinfect and ventilate common spaces such as guest rooms and elevators in this facility.

    6. The staff will wear a mask to serve you

~ Recommended Plan ~

  • 【Limited Time Only! Seki Horse Mackerel sashimi of Seki Horse Mackerel】~ Japanese Kaiseki Kuju course ~ Japanese Kaiseki Kuju course to eat in your room(Dinner in Room)

    In the Japanese Kaiseki"Japanese Kaiseki / Kuju course" of this facility
    This is a limited-time plan"Seki Horse Mackerel Sashimi"!

    Only the fish caught by one fishing at Bungo Suido, one of the best fishing grounds in Japan, is allowed to claim
    Sashimi of Oita's representative brand seafood "Seki Horse Mackerel".
    You can enjoy "Seki Horse Mackerel" with Japanese Kaiseki.

    Maximum relaxing dinner time.
    Freely, as it is, there is a dedicated private room where there is nothing to worry about.

    We used plenty of fresh seafood from Oita Products and mountain Oita Products
    We will Japanese Kaiseki you one of the recommended Japanese Kaiseki style Japanese Kaiseki recommended by the chief chef.

     We will prepare "Kuju course" and "Special Benefits / Sashimi of Seki Horse Mackerel" in your room.
    ※The contents may be changed depending on the weather and the season.Please note.
  • 【Limited Time Only! With mini steak benefits】Seasonal local fish◆With luxurious sashimi(Dinner in Room)

    Normally sold “seasonal local fish zanmai”◆With gorgeous sashimi (dinner room meal) "
    This is a limited-time plan that comes with a "Japanese Kuroge Wagyu Beef mini steak"!

    In order to fully enjoy the blessings of the Oita Sea,
    Fresh local fish caught directly to your staying date.
    Freshness and fish's original taste are different.

    The main luxurious platter of local fish sashimi.
    "Kuroge Wagyu Beef mini steak" is attached to privilege!

    We select carefully the most delicious fish of the day and make it sashimi and sashimi.
    I am looking forward to seeing which fish to eat.

    Please take a look at this opportunity.
  • Special Japanese Kuroge Wagyu Beef shabu-shabu kaiseki with sashimi of Seki Horse Mackerel

    Two popular menus became one for a limited time.
    The popular “Special Kuroge Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu course” is popular when the meat melts.
    Furthermore, only fish caught by one fishing at Bungo Channel, one of the best fishing grounds in Japan, are allowed to name themselves.
    Sashimi of Oita's representative brand seafood "Seki Horse Mackerel".
    It is only now that you can enjoy both dishes at the same time.

    ◆- Meal content -◆
     A special Japanese Kuroge Wagyu Beef shabu-shabu course will be provided in your room.
     ★Seki Horse Mackerel with sashimi
    ※The contents may be changed depending on the weather and the season.Please understand.


  • ~ About measures of new coronavirus infectious disease ~

    In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, the facility has taken the following measures to protect the safe and secure environment for customers and employees.

    1. The staff will wear a mask to serve you.
    2. Alcohol disinfectant is placed.
    3. We use alcohol disinfectant for cleaning after check-out.
    4. We will verify your identity at check-in.
    5. Non-contact temperature measurement is required at check-in.
    6. At the time of payment, we have installed an acrylic plate on the front desk to prevent infection.

    We are working to strengthen hygiene at this facility.
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • ~Non-smoking notice~

     This facility will be "non-smoking throughout" from February 1, 2000, including guest rooms, lounges and passages inside the facility.

    ■Smoking space information■
    ·1st floor terrace only
    ※Please refrain from smoking on the 1st floor terrace between 7:30 and 10:00 AM.

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to smoking customers, but thank you for your understanding.


Google Map

Hotel Name

Hotel Umine


3-8-3 Kitahama, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture

Telephone number



15 minutes on foot from JR Beppu Station, 5 minutes on foot from Beppu Kitahama Bus Stop


Free parking can accommodate up to 20 cars.
To traffic access page

Official WEB site limited privilege

  • 3 benefits are only available for reservations from the Official website!

    ◆1 hour free extension in all room types◆
    ◆All drinks in the refrigerator are free◆
    ◆1 drink present at the toast of dinner ※Only for plan with dinner.
    ·Draft beer, glass wine (white / red), square highball, soft drinks

    ~~Official WEB site only, Checkout time list~~

    Suite Room
    Normally 11: 00 → Official WEB only, 12:00

    Standard Room
    Usually 10: 30 → Official WEB only, 11:30

    Second floor room
    Normally 10: 00 → Official WEB only, 11:00


  • Please spend a special time in the healing space.

    Feeling of opening without having experienced.
    All guest rooms are equipped with a fresh semi open-air bath,
    Firm solidity is exactly the adults' only retreat.
  • Enjoy a pleasant sleep.

    The sound of the quietly resonating waves, the contrast of the sky and the ocean spreading in front of our eyes.
    Forget the time and have a special time in the relaxed space,
    Please enjoy the ultimate luxury and relaxation of "Hotel Umine".

Hot Springs

  • Self-sprinkled syrup 100%, Bihada-no-yu

    Each guest room, on the terrace, has a hot spring outdoor hot spring.

    Hot Springs is pouring source 100% of no hydrolysis, humidified in all, spring quality, called the Bihada-no-yu is,
    It is unusual in Beppu brown brown colored hot water.
    While catching on hot springs full of openness, we look forward to the blissful time of seeing Beppu Bay,
    You can enjoy it to your heart 's content.

    Spring quality is effective for bicarbonate salt spring, coldness, muscle pain, atopy, eczema,
    It is unusual in Beppu and is a brown-colored lumpy hot spring.

    You can use at any time during your stay at any time.
  • Outdoor bath

    On the top floor, Beppu Bay bustling with Beppu Bay fires at night,
    We are preparing an outdoor bath which can see the beautiful Downtown Beppu steaming rise rises.
    It is a 100% hot spring of self-draining sunflower, while taking a sea breeze,
    Please enjoy the high quality hot springs like lotion that clings to the skin with a rough skin called "Bihada-no-yu".


  • Carefully selected Japanese Kuroge Wagyu Beef

    "Teppanyaki" where a chef cooks in front of you.
    Please enjoy the fine Japanese Kuroge Wagyu Beef that melts in your mouth.

    At the counter seat where you can enjoy the chef's hands and cooking process with all five senses
    Enjoy freshly prepared dishes with your loved ones.

  • Local fish kaiseki course

    Please enjoy fresh local seafood as much as you like with sashimi.
    In the local fish kaiseki course, fresh local fish that have been landed according to the date of your stay are sent directly.
    Freshness and fish's original taste are different.

    The main luxurious platter of local fish sashimi.
    We select carefully the most delicious fish of the day and make it sashimi and sashimi.

    Please enjoy all 8 to 10 gourmet seafood packed gastronomy.


  • Authentic India, Sri Lankan Tradition "Ayurveda therapy"

    Along with Ayurveda, Medicine and Yunani medicine, it is one of the world's three major traditional medicine,
    It has a history of up to 5,000 years.

    It is said that the root of medical care of the world, Western medicine as well as oriental medicine,
    It is said that it had a strong influence on other alternative medicine etc.
    It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the root of so-called massage.

    Umine, a therapy based on that traditional Ayurveda therapy
    (Treatment method suitable for Japanese) is offered.
    Detoxification effect (detoxification) Aimed at anti-aging (rejuvenation)
    Please feel the total treatment service.
  • Forget your everyday life and enjoy the best relaxation in your mind and body.

    SPA Sualaut, we will offer customers the SPA Sualaut to experience the time of bliss
    We are offering relaxation service.
    Forgetting time, unlocking from everyday life,
    You can spend luxurious comfort.

    Some of the photos may differ due to renovation.
    Please be patient.

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